January 2017

We proudly present our new brochure

In 2018, integrating a white collar crime / tax criminal law team and expanding our office space turned out a great success. Given that we also changed our name and particularly established the brand “Kantenwein”, we simply had no choice: We had to treat ourselves to a new firm brochure!

A printed firm brochure - seriously? Who needs such a thing in times of digitalization and increasing internet dominance? We do! Not only because the above mentioned events constituted a fundamental expansion of our firm, but also because we consider a high quality firm brochure an important ambassador for our values.

Quite regularly, you will come across firm brochures displaying an arc of suspense similar to ‘Joy of Painting’ (Bob Ross). We have tried a different approach. In terms of design and language we have painted a concise picture of the firm’s appearance and service areas. The printing – and we are particularly proud of this – has been done by an old-school manual printer: Gutenberg instead of trashy flyer.

The brochure thrives with its haptic look-and-feel and will not be available online. We are happy to provide a copy to each and everyone of our visitors and are hoping for the attraction to be mutual.