Foundation law and law relating to charities, donations, and non-profit organizations

Doing lasting good.

We support asset holders in the implementation of their social engagement in the context of foundation law and the law relating to charities, donations, and non-profit organizations.

A growth in assets is proportional to increased social responsibility. Our experienced professionals know the day-to-day problems of foundations and other non-profit enterprises. We have first-hand knowledge, in particular with regard to the tax peculiarities pertaining to non-profit enterprises, and we are able to provide reliable and prompt advice in this context. We establish foundations that serve the purpose of protecting and maintaining family estates. We prepare strategic plans which will be implemented by us in close coordination with all involved parties. If requested, we will also hold prominent positions in the administration bodies of foundations and non-profit enterprises, e.g. as members of the management board or the advisory board.

In times where investment incomes are steadily declining, many foundations are struggling to generate the gains from the foundation’s capital that are needed to manage the foundation sustainably and to implement the foundation’s purpose. We are familiar with these issues and we possess analysis concepts and solution concepts which have been coordinated with the authorities in a number of cases and whose implementation has been tried and tested.