Banking law and capital market law

We know the banking and finance sector from all angles.

We help our clients with all questions relating to financial law, from the structuring to the due diligence and the entire negotiation process until the closing, and also in the context of disputes, with due consideration of all sectors and issues. In disputes relating to banking law, we use our experience in negotiation and our special knowledge of the industry – because only a law firm which is familiar with the negotiation part is also able to tell what matters in a dispute.

It is not merely size that matters in banking and capital market law. Our banking law experts know the opposing side because of our broad experience in legal departments, and this is why we know exactly which services legal departments require. This also means that we know how banks think, and therefore, we are able to provide better advice to debtors and investors than those who only know one side of the coin. 

We support providers of debt capital, equity capital, and mezzanine capital with respect to documentation and negotiation of transaction financing (legal, tax) as well as with respect to the corresponding provision of collateral. We supervise the contract negotiations from the drafting of the agreement to the signing and the closing. We possess a coordinated international network of specialists. Our top priority is to find the ideal combination of the necessary legal framework and the manageability needed in day-to-day business. 

Furthermore, we represent our clients in all constellations before the courts of law and in extrajudicial disputes relating to the practice area of banking and capital market law (banking and finance litigation, liability claims arising from professional negligence matters against professionals who provide advice on legal matters or investment matters: assertion of claims and defense against claims). In this respect, the experience we have gained by supervising transactions is extremely useful. In the practice area of liability for investment advice and prospectus liability, we regularly represent banks, initiators, and prospectus publishers.