Annual audit

We help you to fulfill your legal duties in all matters relating to financial reporting.

We perform statutory and voluntary annual audits and audits of the consolidated financial statements for our clients, among whom there are companies operating in Germany as well as internationally under a wide range of legal forms and from a wide variety of industries.

The planning and the performance of the audits is always implemented under the supervision of one of our auditors, in close coordination and while taking the individual client’s industry-related specificities as well as the risks relating to closure audits into consideration. We offer bespoke audit approaches for each individual client, as this ensures an optimal and efficient audit process, which, as it goes without saying, complies with German and with international audit standards. 

In addition to our accounting practice, we also provide assistance and advice on an ongoing basis throughout the current business year, in order to identify any issues and risks that may possibly occur as early as possible so that we can take countermeasures can be taken at an early stage. In this way, a constant quality assurance is ensured for the benefit your company.