March 2017

Our law firm's new website goes online

Our website now has a new look. The basic framework, for example name, corporate design, logo and lettering remain, but there is a great deal of new content within this framework. In recent years, the firm has gained a multitude of new professionals, awards and staff members. The new website now provides a suitable location for such developments and an opportunity to document them. It emphasises people's profiles and sketches the career and activities of all our professionals.

The clear, light and clean look of the website is the result of enormous coordination work and programming efforts. We engaged in many discussions, trials, coordination activities and tests both alongside our agency and among ourselves. Everyone cursed the project more than once, both collectively and individually. Our programmers created a total of around 48,000 files to ensure that the website works flawlessly on all end devices. As is so often the case, at the end of the day it was worth it, and all trials and tribulations have been forgotten.

Despite the multitude of function- and content-related additions, it was important to us to retain the clean look and feel that had already characterised our website for years. In addition, developments on a technical level (such as an uncompromisingly well-functioning responsive design) had to be realised. The balancing act appears to have been a success: initial reactions from colleagues, clients and applicants have been extremely positive.