June 2023

More awards for Kantenwein: Handelsblatt ranking 2023 presents “Germany’s Best Lawyers”

Once again, Kantenwein has received a number of the coveted accolades in the Handelsblatt “Best Lawyers” ranking, this time for 2023. In the extensive peer-to-peer process, Handelsblatt, the respected business and financial newspaper, has teamed up with renowned US publisher “Best Lawyers” to present the coveted ranking for the 15th time.

In this year’s “Germany’s Best Lawyers” awards, Kantenwein has received multiple accolades once again.

Numerous lawyers from our firm were honoured, including Marcus van Bevern, Sven Ceranowski, Dr Stefan Hackel, Dr Thomas Kantenwein, Nico Köppel, Dr Alexander Kröck, Dr Annett Kuhli-Spatscheck, Dr Carolin Sabel, Dr Rainer Spatscheck, Dr Gerhard Widmayer, Franz Zimmermann, Kirsten Fox, Stephanie Schmidt and Lea Wimmer. The rankings are based on an extensive peer-to-peer evaluation process involving business lawyers who have been identified by the publisher Best Lawyers. If you would like to learn more about this year’s awards, you can find the information here.