January 2017

Dr Annett Kuhli appointed to the DIS Board

Dr Annett Kuhli was elected to the Board of the German Arbitration Institute DIS (Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit e.V.) in December 2016. The lawyer and tax advisor holds a doctorate and is recognised as a specialist in tax law. Her appointment is a reflection of her extensive experience in arbitration and her specialist expertise.

This includes:

  • 15 years of conducting cases under DIS rules, ICC rules, Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, and IFTA Arbitration (Independent Film and Television Alliance Arbitration)

  • various mandates as presiding arbitrator and more than 20 cases as a party-appointed arbitrator

  • numerous cases as party counsel in arbitration proceedings

The German Arbitration Institute DIS is a registered association headquartered in Cologne, whose roots stretch back to 1920. The DIS currently has 1,400 members and is the leading institution for institutionalised arbitration proceedings in Germany (www.dis-arb.de).